Alex has had much success as a novelist. Three of his books have been published and all to great acclaim.  His latest release “The Man Who Would Be God” was released during the first half of 2013. To date Alex has had rave reviews, high sales and I’m sure it will just be a matter of time before he puts pen to paper again for a new book.

alex cord the man

The Man Who Would Be God“~ (2013)

Can one man change the way the entire world thinks? 

Johnny Grant is a world famous movie star with a passionate social conscience and a gift of clairvoyance. Intensely discontent with man’s inhumanity to man, contemptuously critical of corruption in government, greed, selfishness, he’s convinced the human race is headed for self-destruction. Depressed by an insistent awareness of his impotence to affect the changes he feels would improve life for all of us, he hungers for power. Ultimate power.

Filming in Australia, he inexplicably vanishes without a trace. Instant news Worldwide. A turbulent, national manhunt ensues. Three days later he returns with an unbelievable explanation. Realizing the fantastic nature of his story, and lacking evidence, he refuses to be put in the position of convincing anyone. Is what he says true or not? Midst a media frenzy, his fame and influence explode in controversy.
Will it bring him the power he craves?


This is the third novel by Alex Cord who starred in more than 30 feature films and over 300 TV shows. I enjoyed the book and I think that others will enjoy it as well. The story is told in a very interesting attention-grabbing manner and is filled with suspense. The characters are well-drawn and we can identify with them.

Johnny Grant, the hero of this tale, is a world famous movie star. He is handsome, well-liked and well respected. He is divorced but gets along well with his ex-wife and his son who adores him. He has two skills besides his acting skill, one of which is unusual: he has visions from time to time of people and events before he meets the people or the events occur. He can also hypnotize others and himself. We read how he helped an actress overcome her addiction to smoking by using hypnosis. But despite his charisma and acting success, he is short of money. So he is happy when he is offered the starring role in an Australian film.

While in Australia, he and two fellow actors, a man and a woman, disappear during a three day period. When they return, they tell people that they had a strange experience. What they saw, heard, and felt can affect all humanity. Some people believe Johnny and his friends, others do not. Still others want to use this event to take advantage of Johnny to their financial benefit.

Readers will find themselves wondering what exactly the three actors experienced. Are they telling the truth? Is there any danger to them and others in what they saw, heard, and felt? Will others also be able to have the same experience? Will any of the three actors be hurt by the people who want to exploit them? Or will what happens to Johnny enable him to change the world as we know it?

These questions and several sub-plots such as Johnny’s relationship with an attractive Australian girl will assure that readers will enjoy this tale and the way Alex Cord presents it.

A Feather in the Wind“~ Five Star Publications, Inc. (2011)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Feather in the Rain. I felt a real affinity with the characters and hope to one day see this book as a motion picture.” ~ Harrison Ford, actor 

The story begins by telling of Jesse Burrell, a Texas rancher and horseman who had buried his son. Disconsolate, Jesse’s love and lust for life went fallow. Determined to never again experience the heartache of loss, this trail-hardened cowboy chose a self-imposed lonely and celibate existence. With great effort, he managed to struggle through the motions of his life, running a ranch and occasionally winning awards in cutting horse competitions (although the ultimate dream of a Futurity championship eluded him.) That was how his life was, and that was how it seemed destined to remain.

Then through a chance encounter, he meets a beautiful young woman, her own heart shattered by the death of her brother. They immediately see in each other a kindred spirit. Their explosive love affair will set readers’ hearts ablaze with empathy and passion.

A Feather in the Rain is Cord’s second novel. The first- “Sandsong” -was published by Warner Books and has been optioned for a feature film production.

Ernest Borgnine, Academy Award-winning actor-“Alex has written one of the finest love stories I’ve ever read.”


A FEATHER IN THE RAIN is one of the most powerfully emotional and honest novels I’ve ever read. It is the story of the resilience of the heart, even in the face of devastating loss, and of how the capacity to hope and courage to love, despite all risk, define us as human.

Jesse Burrell is a gifted horseman and trainer and rider of champion cutting horses. His instinctive connection with the horses he loves has given him some sense of purpose as he struggles to recover from the devastating, senseless loss of his son, Zack. Long separated from Zack’s mother, Jesse is deeply lonely, realizing that other than his son, no one has said “I love you” to him in many years.

When Jesse suddenly finds himself beginning to love again, he must find the courage – and the faith – to risk his sorely battered heart.

It’s very rare to read a page-tuner of a novel that not only entertains, but also lays bare raw, and very honest, emotions – from hopelessness and despair to elation and joy. A FEATHER IN THE RAIN is that rare book that stays with you long after you finish reading it, and makes you think about what is most important in your life. It’s a beautifully written story, its language both straightforward and poetic. The physical settings of the book – the hill country of Texas, the Lazy JB Ranch, the competitive cutting arena, friends’ homes, the hospital – all are as vividly drawn as Jesse’s thoughts and emotions.

Jesse has both a cowboy’s dry sense of humor and terse manner of speech. He believes actions speak louder than words, but at times he wishes he had the right words to express what is in his heart and mind. He struggles mightily with this, knowing he lacks the “skill and the means” to explain what he feels. Luckily for the readers of this extraordinary book, Author Alex Cord does have them. In spades.


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