Exciting New Author Megan Elizabeth Is Unplugged For New Video

Megan Elizabeth is an exciting new author from Satalyte Publishing. Her first book “Sinners Craving: A League of the Fallen” is set for release next month and has already caused quite a stir.

This interview just proves how versatile Megan is as a personality and as an author. Stay tuned for part 2!


The only thing standing between our world and eternal hell on earth is one Fallen angel who proves mistakes can be made more than once. A former warrior angel in the heavenly kingdom, Matteaus is now the leader of The League of the Fallen. He’s a powerful being renowned for his mastery in combat and his numerous battles against Lucifer’s evil creations.

His drive for redemption is his only focus. His aspiration and only desire is to return to heaven from his earthly banishment. Matteaus has a nagging feeling that his life is about to change. Centuries of fighting, and one disastrous relationship with a ‘Love Goddess’, have kept him away from females; then his next assignment brings him right into the path of the vivacious and fiery Taylor.

Matteaus’ fierce focus on his work is a result of the scars he has from a past relationship; one that left him with feelings of humiliation and hesitation to get involved in another. Yet Taylor is everything that he could dream of, and the one who could possibly tempt him into trying for love again. She stimulates his weary existence; mind, body and soul. But Taylor comes with her own set of baggage and when she catches Matteaus in a compromising position, her stubborn nature takes over and Matteaus counts himself lucky if she even gives him the time of day.

Taylor is instantly attracted to the overwhelming magnetism that rolls off of Matteaus. However, the challenges of her past keep her from pursuing any kind of relationship. Life has been difficult for her. She and her beloved son have been avoiding Lucifer’s pursuit for years. Lucifer has been hunting Taylor for the prize of a mix of her immortal blood and her powerful son. Her single minded focus keeps the two of them safe, and she doesn’t have time or patience for an unwanted love affair. Yet Matteaus’s scorching touch and unfailing passion illicit cravings in her she thought she would never experience again.

But even as their desire for each other begins to overtake them, Matteaus’s thirst for redemption and his own personal code of ethics drives him to maintain his distance. He has a powerful and jealous ex-girlfriend who is hell bent on getting him back, while Lucifer is determined to have her as his potential his soul mate.

Matteaus’s responsibilities as leader of The League of the Fallen require his constant attention. His plate is close to overflowing and with the addition of dealing with Taylor’s fiery nature, he’s out of his depth. But could this be the mission that finally earns his redemption? Or will his disastrous personal life cost him everything, including the one female he is destined to love?

Sounds like a hit to me!

You can catch Megan on her Facebook page or send fan mail directly to her publisher.





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