Enter Princess Fumi Hancock… And a Round of Applause for Her One Year Anniversary…

Princess Fumi Hancock is one of those special personalities you come across only once in a while. She is a talented writer, a movie-maker, and hosts a very popular Internet chat show called “The Princess in Surburbia.” I have the honor of sharing an interview with her to mark a very special one year anniversary of “The Princess in Surburbia.” Her career goes deep into the heart of the entertainment industry with a bestselling book called “The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell” and a forthcoming movie called “Of Sentimental Value.” She is also releasing her new book “Of Sentimental Value” soon. We have also learnt that she is up for several awards in her capacity as a movie maker– Fumi is currently winning the race to win “Favorite Screenwriter,” and her upcoming movie is likely to win “Favorite Trailer/ Short Movie” at the African NAFCA… What a career! Don’t forget to vote for her and her movie “Of Sentimental Value!”


Fumi, can I start by asking why you started your Internet show?

On Nov. 16, 2012, my YA Fantasy novel, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell, became Amazon’s Teens-Horrors Bestseller. This prompted solicitations from many reviewers, bloggers and readers. As my royal background was unveiled to them, they wanted to know more! They asked me for a vehicle where they could see me in my natural habitat. Then came the vision to create an online TV show–The Princess in Suburbia–where my fans are invited to snicker or cry as I share my life story & dish out spicy nuggets of wisdom on life, love, family, business & everything in between!

What really inspired you to reach out to an Internet audience?

As a writer, you cannot ignore the electronic / Internet age. When I launched my book, I did a virtual tour, which was incredibly successful. My readers are on the Internet, and the easiest and quickest way to reach them is through the Internet.

What has been your most exciting moment as host of “The Princess In Surburbia?”

Just the opportunity to meet incredible people whom I have invited as guests on my show. More importantly, guests trust me with their stories and rely on me to share their point of view in an authentic way.

How do you juggle such a high octane career? Writer, movie-maker and host?

Oh, my… sometimes I can’t figure it out. Here is what I know: when you are doing what you love, time goes by very fast … you hit challenges, but you quickly pull yourself and keep going. My passion for the three fuels me on a daily basis.

How do you know what your audience wants to see?

I talk with my audience. I do not stand aloof, but through my social media outlets, I often reach out to them. Their thoughts matter to me, and they have been known to steer me in the right direction Take this upcoming movie–Of Sentimental Value. I put together a focus team. Thanks to them, I can safely say we have ended up with a great movie. I take this time to thank all who have carried us with their support. For those who have not watched the trailer for the novel and movie, take a look.

How do you choose guests? Is it hard to get good guests?

While many talk show hosts may say it is challenging finding guests, I have not encountered that yet. Those I have invited have been incredibly generous with their time, and I am very grateful for that. My episodic themes pick my guests. Once I know the burning question for the segment, then we go looking for guests who fit that bill.

Do you ever get nervous hosting your own show?

I am a firm believer that you never get to a point where you are no longer nervous. This is a healthy nervousness as it allows me to push the envelope.

How often do you have to do re-takes of a scene?

I ad lib a lot, so I often just tape and be myself, then let the chips fall where then may. Of course, there have been some episodes where I have had to retake more than twice.

Which episode is your favorite and why?

There was an episode where my friend and I talked about Oprah and her friend Gayle. We were both very free with our thoughts and just allowed the audience into my world. Here is one of the episodes. http://youtu.be/3Vd0Goed0AE

What are you doing to celebrate your one year anniversary?

One year of being on the Internet, but over 10 years in the TV industry. It is obvious my readers love to enter my world… I’m thinking of releasing some tapes from my vault. This footage has not been seen anywhere. I will also be giving away copies of my novel, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell. Oh, by the way, selected people will be getting copies of the upcoming novel Of Sentimental Value. Get ready.

Do you think you will ever become bored of hosting your show?

Hosting this show is part of me… who I am. I can’t imagine being bored. So much to talk about.

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