Alex Cord AKA Alex Viespi? Where Did “Viespi” Come From?

Alex Cord 2

The meaning of Viespe is? It’s from the word viespe wasp.

What is the origin of name Viespe? Probably Romania or Italy.

Anagrams: Pevesi Iesepv Sepeiv Evsiep Sievpe Sveipe

Common Misspellings: Vyespe Wiespe Viepe Viespea Veispe Viesep Viepse

Alex changed his name from Viespi to Cord to escape having to spell “Viespi” out to every person who asked his second name. If you meet Alex ask him to tell you the rhyme he used to spell out his second name. Cord came from a friend. It is a common misconception that “Cord” came from the “Carpetbaggers” character, Cord.




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