Meet Foal! Meet “Foal and the Angels!”

An interview on this site has to be interesting. That’s the biggest criteria. If it’s not interesting it isn’t going to make it onto our site. I wanted to share this interview with FOAL with you. FOAL is a writer of note with one book on Amazon. The book is called “Foal and the Angels” and it’s a cute, inspiring read from a writer with lots to say. Anyway… I digress… Let’s see what FOAL has to say!

Q) Good morning, Foal!

A) Good morning!

Q) What does it feel like to be in an OBE (out of body experience)?

A) It feels as though you are more real than real. You feel everything as if it’s your body, but if you go to higher planes, then you go through walls and peoples’ bodies.

Q) Have you done that?

A) Yep!! More times than I can tell you about.

Q) Many people have said that during an “out of body experience” you can actually see inside the walls of a building as you are passing through. Have you experienced that?

A) As you are passing through the wall, you can see inside the wall, right? I know it’s possible, but have never experienced that personally. I have passed through my bedroom wall, though, and through the roof of my house.

Q) So, do you think all the people in the world who claim to be abducted by aliens could actually be having OBEs?

A) I believe that they could be. Maybe some of them were actually abducted, I really don’t know; but it’s more likely the majority could really be OBEing and not realize it. You do meet strange entities in that plane, so maybe they are aliens. Who knows?

Q) I have to ask– do you personally believe in ghosts?

A) I absolutely did not! That was until I met one. Actually, many of them!

Q) Was that during an OBE?

A) Yes, of course. In my case, everything happens only when I am asleep.

Q) Have you ever had an OBE that warned you against something?

A) In my personal experience, that has happened mostly in dreams. However, I know that warnings during OBEs have happened to other people. As for warnings from my own dreams, it has occurred more times than I could tell you, Nick.

Q) Amazing! Do you believe we make choices in life or that our lives are predetermined?

A) I believe we make choices before coming here as to what we want to accomplish on this plane and in this particular incarnation, but then we have to keep making choices every day to see if we can keep to our “contract.” So, it means we can somehow change our contract most of the time, and if our goals are too high or difficult to achieve, we may not even be able to finish it and it will be `forwarded` to our next life. I am assuming this, of course. You don’t need to believe me! It is just my own story to try to make sense of things, right? Our dreams always show up to remind me to stay my course, to stay with my contract, which is what I promised myself to do in this life. So to me this is very true and real. (I talk about it in the last chapters of FOAL.)

Q) Do you believe that we all have a purpose in life?

A) You bet! I have no doubt about that anymore. We have plans before incarnating, but , as I said, we don’t usually keep to all of them because it’s not easy at all.

Q) So we have all been here before, right?

A) Oh, right! I have seen a few past lives in my dreams, and I know there are many, MANY more of them! In FOAL, I talk a lot about reincarnation, but I didn’t go into the OBE experience—that is for my next book.

Q) When do you plan to start the second book?

A) I have already! I feel the desire to write when my energy is buoyant and upbeat, for example, when FOAL 1 receives a good review!  I now have the first thirty pages done on the second book.

Q) What will it be about? Just OBE, or will it take readers further?

A)  The FOAL series is not about OBEs or dreams in themselves. It is about how each of those types of experiences can teach us to live better. A book that only talks about dreams and OBEs makes no sense to me. I have already typed thousands of pages of those experiences, but that does not make a book, and it would not be worth writing and, by the way, it would be so boring!.

The second book will include dreams, angels’ messages, God Supremes’ rebukes, and new teachings, along with eye opening insights. I will also explain the novelty of OBEs and what they meant to me, or what a different view of the world they opened up to me.

Q) Can you tell me what an angel actually is?

A) Read my blog, I wrote about this subject three articles ago!  It’s a long answer.  We don’t need to call them angels; it’s simply a label I use just because I was born in a Christian country.  I am good with any name, but there are entities or energies or whatever name you want to call them in other dimensions, and we CAN communicate with them.

Q) Do Angels or Spirits always have the answers?

A) Do you always have the ears to listen? I’ve received a lot of answers, but you know, and many people would say so, it could always all be in my head.

Q) What are the best ways to hear them?

A) You have to be quiet inside, and you must try to put yourself aside and accept anything without trying to influence the outcome. It`s like this, you must try to be an empty bottle without color. If you are too `coloured`, all the messages will be too. For me, it comes easier to “listen” just before falling asleep or while meditating. I meditate everyday but not for long. I now usually meditate for around 20-30 minutes once or twice a day. Previously, when I was receiving all those messages, it was an hour a day.

Q) When did you become interested in meditation, and how did you become interested?

A) Well, for me it was mostly the opposite process of other people. I started having these incredible dreams, and then started OBEing without having an idea of what it was. That freaked me out. But there was a strong spiritual connotation in there, so it put me on a real QUEST. Therefore, I started to buy books, CDs and started meditating to try to figure things out. That was in 2004.

Q) Whilst on the subject of meditation, what do you think of Deepak Chopra?

A) He is one of the great ones, but, in this particular period of my life, I follow Eckhart Tolle more and a mystic yogi called Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru.

Q) Thank you for your time and for a truly interesting interview.

A) Thank you!

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