Guest Interview: Creatures From Outer Space And Tim Northway

My guest interview today is from Tim Northway. Tim is a science-fiction writer who has a truly interesting book. I really hope you enjoy this portrait of Mr Amnesia. If you like Tim Northway you may be interested in my book “Days of the Harbinger.”

Q) How long does it take you to write a novel?

Anywhere from 2 months to 5 years, depending on how much “life” gets in your way.  If I am solely working as a writer 2-3 months.

Q) Have you always been a reader? What kinds of books really excited you as a young reader?

I recall, before I could read, my father reading stories to the kids nearly every night before bed.  I loved it.  He was such a great father!  At the age of 6 I was so proud to have read my first “real” book Fury and the Mustangs.  I always loved adventure stories, whether fiction or non-fiction.

Q) Has science-fiction always been a big draw for you?

My first Sci-fi experience was Ann McCaffrey’s the series of books on the dragonriders of Pern.  I was addicted to those books.  I was a voracious reader when I found an author or a series that I liked.  I almost went into seclusion when I started reading Steven Kings earlier books and later Edgar Rice Burroughs’ books on Mars.

Q) If you could be any writer in the world—who would you be and why?

Ernest Hemmingway.  Yes he had his demons, but I would be him without the demons—which may make me another person, but I don’t think so.  Demons are additives to a person, like bugs on your windshield.  They don’t need to be there and if you pay attention to them, you run into telephone poles or something.

Q) Where do you think your love of writing came from?

I’m an artist, thus I have a desire to communicate in a way that will create a good effect on others.

Q) Have you traveled outside of the U.S.A and did your experiences in other countries influence your writing?

I have traveled outside of the U.S.A.  It has influenced me only in as much as the experiences I have made for good stories.

Q) As a writer would you ever consider writing a book in another language?

I haven’t.  I have not learned another language, sad to say.

Q) What does a great science fiction novel need?

For me, a great overall theme and a feeling that you’ve just got to find out what happens! (happily ever after?  Ruin? Defeat? Victory?).  You’ve got to have interesting characters that take you to new and interesting worlds.

Q) What does it mean to be a writer? What does that mean to you?

Freedom to create and make a living at it.

Q) Can you make a sentence using the words “deceit” and “Balthazar?

I googled Balthazar and found it was a restaurant in New York), so here it goes:

“There is little deceit in the flavours of the Lobster and Tomato Linguine at Balthazar.”

 Q) What does the word “alien” actually mean to you?

Creatures from outer space.  Strange, unusual beings with unfamiliar technology.  That is my initial reaction.  Actually, they’re just folks from a different place with different models of bodies.

Q) What would you deem interesting?

A solution to it.  (“it” can be any purpose you want to pursue).

Q) What is your writing routine? Can you explain how you spend your normal writing day?

As a relatively new writer, I have my banal day job to pay the bills.  Thus I am sentenced to eight hours of “work” five days a week until I build up a sufficient following to allow me to quit.  After work I find a suitable place to write, be it a coffee house or some quiet spot at home.  If I am heavy into a story, I continue for hours.  If it ain’t flowing, I’m easily distracted by football games and other human crap such as remodelling the stupid bathroom or the running the ridiculous errands that life requires; all the while thinking, “I just need to sell everything, but my laptop, move to a mountain town and find a place with a nice view and a deck”.

Q) What is the one supplemental drink or luxury a writer needs?

Wine of course is the first thing that comes to mind.  But wine, while it relieves the stress, often results in sloth and any writer must work diligently or fade away.  Sadly, I have not achieved proper discipline so I try not to indulge unless it is at particular social activities.

So the actual needed supplemental drink would be coffee.  I drink a lot of it.

Q) Do you ever see “Total Amnesia” as a movie?

Yes, it would be utterly groundbreaking.  Not only would it have the fantastic special effects of the Earth invasion, the 3D universe-wide internet, the silly bickering aliens, the horrific “Mind Fabricators” and the appalling “Body Injectors”, it would require a new, innovative method of representing the spirit or the soul on screen.

Q) Do you write ever with a movie script in mind?

I write from a story that is composed of mental pictures.  There’s always a movie playing in my head.

Q) Can you describe “Total Amnesia” in 15 words.

I am taken on a fantastic, mind-boggling tour of this universe and into my past.

Q) That’s 16 words…

Close enough! I tried my best.




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