An Interview With The Man, The Legend, Alex Cord!

An interview with me from Alex Laybourne! Reblogged!

Official Site of Alex Laybourne - Author

Alex Cord is a name that has been around the movie industry for some time. From “Synanon” to “Airwolf.” This is a special interview and one that I think the majority of you will find refreshing. Alex is an author– an excellent author who has just finished a screenplay for his book “A Feather in the Rain.” He is also a man who loves learning about social media and has been growing a huge following on Facebook lately.

For Alex it’s a thrill to meet with fans on a daily basis. It’s almost like a large family on his page and I think many are surprised at how interested he is in the every day happenings of his fans.

Alex Cord 2

Q) Great to meet you, Alex. Let me start by asking when you first decided that acting was for you?

A) Good morning, Nick. Being an actor never entered my mind…

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