Some Wonderful “Days of the Harbinger” Reviews


A sampling of reviews for “Days of the Harbinger.”


Hollywood movie star Alex Cord has created one of the most interesting books of the year. His novel “Days of the Harbinger” is one of those sticky substance books that really has you hooked from the first page.

The story concerns itself with a well loved movie star named Johnny Grant who in need of money finds himself working on a movie in Australia. Grant and some friends disappear for three days and return full of knowledge. Knowledge that could change the direction of the human race.

Cord writes with beautiful prose and has woven a story worthy of the book gods. I would not be surprised to see this one as a movie in the near future. One has to ask though… Reading through the book it does make you wonder how much of the character of Johnny Grant is Alex Cord.

Excellence from an excellent writer.


“Johnny Grant is a popular actor who, despite his friendly and compassionate nature, struggles to discover the fundamental purpose of his life. He practices meditation and self-hypnosis on his quest for inner peace, but more and more, he yearns to help bring about positive change in this troubled world. He also tries to understand who he really is, sometimes feeling that he must wash off the character makeup he wears in his work to find himself beneath. He loves and enjoys his family and friends, but still feels fundamentally alone and searching, and at a loss as to why.

Accepting an offer to film in Australia will change Johnny’s life – and the lives of many, many others – in ways he could never have imagined. The twists, turns, and powerful emotions in this story will keep the reader caught in its spell until the very last page.

Author Alex Cord deftly weaves an engrossing tale of a man whose reality begins to change from the grounded and workaday to the fantastic and infinitely possible. Mr. Cord’s own career and experiences allow him to create vivid and realistic settings and characters. The story seems to live and breathe, and his unique voice draws the reader in and simply doesn’t let go.

It seems contradictory to say a novel is not only deeply felt and contemplative, but that it also takes the reader on a wild ride. But DAYS OF THE HARBINGER  does exactly that.”


Alex Cord’s book, Days of the Harbinger, tells the story of Johnny Grant, a well-known and respected actor and activist who would like to change the world. He and two friends are ‘abducted’ or at least disappear for three days. Mr. Cord’s contradictive premise is that an alien has come in peace and wants to use Johnny as the conduit to help change what is happening on earth. Or WAS HE actually abducted? Mr. Cord interlocks adventure, excitement and romance to weave a fascinating story that will keep you guessing. Johnny’s friends have their own opinions about what happened to him. Even the two friends who were purportedly taken with him are convinced, and then doubt that it happened, then…
“Within two hours the news of the disappearance of movie star Johnny Grant and his friends was all over Australian radio and television and had been picked up by United Press International wire service.”

Mr. Cord is a master at description and characterization. He plots his story with meticulous precision and detail. He shows empathy with his portrayal of all of the characters in the story. He gives us an insider’s view of the entertainment business in the day-to-day lives of the characters and a detailed look at how something like this could happen. Alex Cord is a former actor, best known for his portrayal of Archangel in Airwolf, a well-known TV series. His acting career also included roles in Mission Impossible and Walker, Texas Ranger. His previous book, A Feather in the Rain, won the Glyph Award for best popular fiction in 2007. It will soon be produced as a motion picture.


“The purpose of a storyteller,” writes Brandon Sanderson, the author of The Way of Kings, “is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.” The same is true about Alex Cord and his highly engrossing and mesmerizing novel, Days of the Harbinger. On one level, the story is about Johnny Grant, a compassionate and friendly Hollywood actor, who comes to grips with his own purpose in life following a life-defining moment while on location in Australia for a movie. On another level, the book’s message of questioning one’s own existence and purpose in life, are universal themes which resonate in us all.

Cord is a masterful storyteller, as other reviewers have pointed out, and once you start reading this book it is hard to put down. The story he weaves is just as much captivating as it is uplifting. One thing is for certain, the book’s messages of hope and salvation will stay with you long after you have finished.

Alex Cord is a world renowned movie star with noted appearances both on the stage and big screen. He currently lives in Gainesville, Texas with his wife. Alex writes in his spare time and spends much time on his Facebook Fan Page and has just started a Twitter Page


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