Your Chance To Interview Alex…

Alex has an upcoming interview and we thought it would be fun to get questions from his fans. This is your chance to ask about the movies, the books, the career or the horses… Ask away! Leave your questions as comments on this page and they will be asked and answered!


12 thoughts on “Your Chance To Interview Alex…

  1. Couple general questions off the top of my head for now Mr. Cord…

    Can you share a memory or two that stands out in your mind about working with Ernest Borgnine? In the few interviews that I’ve seen with Mr. Borgnine he always came across as such a genuine person.

    During Airwolf, how much influence did you have into the part of Archangel? Was it a part you would have ever saw yourself ever doing?

    Thank you!

  2. I know it never came up in the show, but I’m curious whether you ever had any “backstory” for Archangel – either something official from the writers/creator, or even your own take on the character’s history and how he ended up being who and what he was?

  3. Enjoyed the Airwolf series back in the 80s! Was hooked from the Airwolf movie! I have been on Tv sets watching shows being filmed! So amazing! Would love an auto pic! ALso I have about the same questions from previous post!

  4. Without using Google … or other media … through your previous on-screen contacts, can you connect Alex Cord to Kevin Bacon within six steps?

  5. Hello Mr.Cord
    I was just curious if they made another movie of airwolf and they asked you to play the part of Michael would you concider it?
    Also what was your thoughts when they changed the cast on airwolf?

    Thank you!

  6. Potential interview questions:

    1. Regarding the saying, “If I knew then what I know now…”, what insight/hindsight would you give if you could go back in time and provide guidance to yourself at 3 points in time: age 20, age 40, age 60?

    2. What is your favorite, most treasured memory of working on Airwolf – that one precious, special memory, no matter how big or small, of that time at that job that makes you smile to this day when you recall it?

    3. Do you have any regrets about portraying Archangel or working on Airwolf in general?

    4. It seems that you have had at least 3 successful paths in life (actor, writer, horseman) some aspects of which unfolded concurrently and some sequentially. What advice would you give about reinventing oneself and starting over/blazing a new path?

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