My New Facebook Page

Alex Cord 1Friends,

I have started to use my Facebook Fan page to interact with all my fans and friends. I am happy to answer questions, queries and share my time with you all. I really want to get involved in all of this social media fun. It seems like a lot of fun and I’m really happy I am now in the right position to take the time to learn about it.

My latest book “Days of the Harbinger” seems to be taking off well and I am proud to announce that it has broken into the top 100,000 on Kindle. I really hope this one will hit number one in the near future.

I will be interviewing frequently in the future and perhaps undertaking some live interviews on webcam. The future looks exciting and I am so glad you are here to share it with me.


10 thoughts on “My New Facebook Page

  1. Alex, I’m currently reading ‘Days of the Harbinger’ and enjoying it very much. We should talk offline sometime, I think you’d be very interested in my story (real life). Anyway, glad to connect with you and from one writer to the other, keep writing!

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